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Alkaline Ash Diet – An Informative Guide

Do you feel run down all the time in spite of your having a regular meal and having a regular exercise regime? And thinking about it is making you more miserable. Not to worry, help is at hand. A simple answer for you is to try alkaline ash diet.

Wooden bowl of mixed salad

Wooden bowl of mixed salad

Still confused? Well, when we are talking about alkaline ash diet we are referring to eating those foods and drinks which have an alkaline effect on the body. In other words the food we eat is based on the mineral content of the food and the ash residue that it leaves in the body after consumption.

Some of the food which we consume leaves an acid ash and others an alkaline ash. We just have to be careful enough to choose those foods which will leave an alkaline ash rather than an acid ash and thus not cause harm to the body.

Although we all have a different body composition, the scientific studies show that we should aim to have 70 – 80% alkaline food and the remaining 20 – 30% as acid forming food.

So a little change of lifestyle is going to help you in the long run about regaining your lost energy. And you need not worry much about where to get hold of the alkaline food. Do you know most of the foods which we consume in our daily diet are either alkaline or acidic in nature? So a little knowledge of which food is what will solve the problem for you.

Most of us know that low sugar foods; fresh vegetables and fruits are good for our body, isn’t it? Yes, these are the foods which falls under alkaline food category and sweets, alcohol, saturated fats, meat etc. leaves acid ash residue in the body.

So if you are looking for a healthy body you must avoid very acid ash producing foods. There is another advantage of having alkaline ash producing foods as they help to counteract an acid imbalance of the body.

Don’t settle for short term remedy to your never-ending tiredness and lack of energy. Lead an energized and full of vigor life. There is more to life than sitting and cribbing about how it used to be when you had more energy and you were more productive.

Learn more about the alkaline and acid diet to regain vitality and get back the energy and liveliness back into your life in just a week’s time. Check out http://www.acidakalinediet.org as the site offers Free Alkaline Diet Chart and newsletter to help you get started.

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