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Looking Forward To Getting Old

elderly-cake_2165089bAs children, we couldn’t wait to get older.

The first coolest thing was when our ages hit double digits. Then, something else new and exciting was always around the bend. At 13, it was my Bar Mitzvah. Sixteen brought a driver’s license; 18 ushered in the newly earned right to vote; 21 celebrated with (too much) champagne. There was always another reason to move on to the next year. Bring ’em on. Line ’em up! Don’t stop!

However as John Mellencamp lamented in, “The Real Life,”

It’s a lonely proposition when you realize/That there’s less days in front of the horse/Than riding in the back of this cart.

Aside from the fact that it should be “fewer days,” (sorry, I couldn’t resist) the concept is spot on. It’s macabrely humorous that as soon as one begins to realize he’s on the downward slope of the hill, vainly pumping the brakes, the calendar’s pages flip ever faster. When we were young and immortal, time crawled at a fossil’s pace. As the clock ticks louder, it also accelerates.

The result is many of us begin to poorly affirm what aging is about, viewing it negatively. I mean, yeah, sure, there’s that “death thing” looming out there, which does cast a pallid gloom on post-middle-age. Yet, spending my remaining (hopefully) many years bemoaning a natural and unavoidable process seems a pretty rotten way to appreciate those very years, wouldn’t you say? Therefore, I thought it would be good to wrap my brain around the cool things about getting older so whenever yanked to the getting-older-sucks magnet, I can repel easier.

First, the hastening stride of time allows a much richer appreciation of “smaller moments.” Sitting on a couch with my wife reading, observing a toddler giggle with joyful abandon while chasing a puppy in the park, or indulging myself long enough to simply soak in the red-orange-yellow sun as it melts behind the ocean brings with them joy and peace I rarely took time to experience when building a career or growing a family.

Also, I don’t care as much what others may think. Sure, I’m still disinclined to wear a Hawaiian shirt, plaid short-shorts, checkered knee socks, and black wingtip shoes as an ensemble. Yet, self-acceptance ushers in an attitude of “this is me, take it or leave it”. With that, comes freedom.

Don’t misunderstand; “take it or leave it” doesn’t make one necessarily rude; as aging also carries with it a lower tolerance for cruelty. Never was I harsh, but now, with age, comes the wisdom about when to open my yap and when not. Should I disagree with someone, my credo has evolved from “me first” to “compassion first.” The awareness of how words and actions affect others makes a massive difference in how I utilize them.

Finally, whether it’s the result of these other lessons or not, the unsurpassed improvement about these days in which I find myself is the quality of relationships is far superior to any I had previously. Not only am I less likely to spend precious moments suffering the fate of fools, but correspondingly the people I care about mean so much more now than I ever knew they could. Even better, that trajectory appears to be continuing.

There is fullness to every moment with friends and family, which – as with good wine or fine cheese – cannot be rushed but only arrives with the patience of aging well.

Scott “Q” Marcus is a motivational weight loss expert who specializes on helping baby boomers live happier, healthier lives. He is a professional speaker, Syndicated Columnist, and the CRP (Chief Recovering Perfectionist) of, a site for people who are tired of making promises to themselves but are willing to do what it takes to actually makes changes. In addition, he conducts speeches, workshops, and presentations throughout the country on how to achieve goals, improve attitude, and enjoy the process. You can contact him for speaking, coaching or consulting, or you can sign up for his free weekly “Monday Motivational Memo” at

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What Happens If You Compare the Planet With Your Own Body Energies?

meditateEven though only a few have the ability to see energies, we can all feel the flow of energy when we are in love, having sex, feel on top of the world or on the bottom of a pit hole. We are ‘feeling beings’. But because it is not so easy to see, I want to tell you about my insight that might help you see what you sense.

Our energy body is like that of our planet. She has an equator, meridians, she has wind blowing her surface, she has an aura and she has energy centers around her globe.

Does the planet have meridians?

The meridians, are exactly like the ley lines, you probably have heard of them before. These lines are very accurate and electro-magnetic in nature (positive, negative and neutral), they connect from point A to point B and never move. They transport energies where they are needed and sometimes even leave a trace on the skin of the earth. In our body they transport energies through our entire body. When they are blocked, you start to feel it in different ways like for instance tiredness, feeling weak, dull or depressed. When the blockage won’t go for a longer period of time, it can produce illness and pain. The ley lines of the planet are also known for its effects on humans, but it is not yet scientifically researched as far as I know or could find on the internet.

Those beautiful Polar lights are an indication of something…

The aura of the planet is absolutely incredible and the Polar lights give us some insight into her beauty. The Van Allen Belts are like a skin in the form of an apple that protects our planet from influences that can invade us from space. This form is exactly like our aura. The apple shape springs from our head like a fountain and moves inward and up again at our ankles.

Equator is the belt around your waist

The equator is the middle line that divides Earth in the Northern hemisphere and the Southern. (Notice that wé have two hemispheres as well, maybe you can even recognize a difference in people and their brains above and below the equator.) Our own equator is called the belt flow, which is a radiant circuit I will speak more of in the next paragraph. It is connecting your upper body and your lower body. Especially with ladies you see that this flow is often blocked. Their lower body is barely communicating with the upper body. When this flow is healthy, you feel sexy and attractive, you are comfortable in your skin and you can feel stable on your legs and on the ground.

Radiant winds are blowing our minds

The radiant circuits I spoke of in the beginning of this article and in the last paragraph, are like the winds. They are moving energy in different directions on the surface of our Earth, but they tend to have a common direction on specific locations. As you often experience in your own country, the wind is free, but it flows in patterns. Mostly it blows in one direction, but in a certain period of time, it changes. The basics of the wind system of the Earth is well explained in the next video.

The wind brings new weather, new moods, sometimes it caresses your skin or blows your mind. The wind has an enormous influence, but we hardly recognize it… it is so familiar and part of our daily life. Yet it is such an inspiration, when you give your senses a chance to feel and enjoy them anew.

Can you influence your body’s energy?

Yes you can! There are many ways to influence your body’s energies. A very legitimate question is, why should you? Well, here is because. You are actually, often without being conscious of it, energetically influenced all day long. Just as the planet is influenced by processes in the universe (solar flares, meteorites, star positions etc.), your own energy is also bombarded with impulses from outside (emotional reactions, toxins in the air, electromagnetic waves from devices etc.) and your aura is protecting you. When you have to handle too much stresses from inside and out, your aura gets weakened. When that happens, viruses and other intruders can enter quite easily. So to make sure that your energy systems are strong and balanced and thereby are able to handle stresses from outside ánd inside more effectively, you can do all kinds of energy work. Think of yoga, tai chi, qi gong, do-in, but also sports and certain games can help. Taking a shower, sleep, drinking water, eating natural, being outside in the sun and in nature enough are all very helpful in balancing your energies.

Love for Earth

As you now start to see, there are quite some similarities between Earth and your body and I am just starting to compare a couple of systems. Isn’t it giving you a sense of joy, being a part of and living in this great place? Feel love for Earth? (Did you realize that HEART and EARTH contain the same letters?) I myself can feel an overflow of gratitude looking at the complex simplicity of the Universe. And I hope I have given you a bit of that as well with this article.

With sparkles,


Are you interested in getting to know more about influencing your energy systems in a positive way? Or do you think your body energies could use some positive influence? Go to and book an online free introductory ‘selfie’ treatment. In this session Karin Visser offers you to get personal coaching in how to do it yourself. The first session is for free, so why not! Book Karin for a lovely and fun session and she will tell you how you can influence your unique body and/or complaints in an easy and effective way, without even leaving your chair.

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Reinventing Myself – Realizing What Really Matters

meditateThis week marks exactly one year since our dog, Jack, abruptly left us.

Appearing fine with the rising of the sun, by nightfall he was no more. That’s a grim progression to experience any time, but to complicate this horribly unpleasant and unexpected bump in our highway of life, Jack’s passing occurred the exact morning I was slated to leave town for three months of contracted work. My wife and I, heartbroken, left the veterinarian and, upon arriving home, tearfully hugged each other as I slid into my rental car, and left her forlorn and isolated in our grievously hollow home.

Intertwined throughout the choking weight of sadness I carried was woven a heavy rope of guilt. But what are you going to do? It was three months worth of employment, planned well in advance. If your occupation takes you away – even when it’s more than inconvenient – you’re bound to go.

Life goes on – so to speak.

When my travel concluded, my wife requested, “I know you love what you do – and I want you to be happy. But, I really need you not to travel so often. Would you please try and earn more of your income here?”

I agreed, not only because of her request, but also because I had been growing weary of the travel hassles. Her vocalizing my thoughts cemented the decision. So, for the last several months, I have been “reinventing myself at 60,” not something I intended – nor something I recommend, but as they say, “Life is what happens while we’re making other plans.” Mostly, short of scurrying hither and yon sussing out new modes of income, I’m doing okay. To that end, I do more coaching, both in person and on-line. I’m producing my own local seminars. I’ve snagged more hours assisting clients with marketing and consulting. And, I’m pleased as heck that even after 20 years together, I really do still enjoy spending so many hours with my lovely bride (and how cool is it that she says she enjoys having me around).

Today however brought forth an unexpected revelation: The most difficult component of my reinvention is that I no longer know who I am.

For decades, I have been a “professional speaker.” I mean, technically I still am, as I continue to speak professionally. Yet the vast majority of income in this new normal is via on-line and local presentations. I guess my definition of “professional speaker” involved airplanes, hotels, larger venues, and going to places that were not “home.” I didn’t realize that until now.

Some say it’s a “guy thing” to have so much of who I am wrapped up in what I do. Yet I’m confident there is plenty a lady whose identity is evenly swathed in what she does.

I’m not looking for sympathy about my post-midlife crisis. Many, many folks face far worse decisions; and I’m grateful that I have the skills and resources to weather this transition. Yet, this readjustment in thought requires some support, which arrived today via one of my wiser associates (who is indeed quite successful in his own career). When others ask of him what he does, he replies, “In reaction to what?”

It made me realize that too many of us have given up the moniker, “human beings,” having exchanged it for “human doings.” None of us are here to “do.” We exist to “be” – and doing that to its fullest potential has next to zero to do with the title on a business card. I am reminded that nobody’s final thought will be, “I wish I would have worked more.”

Who we are is determined by the quality of the relationships we weave, and the appreciation we hold in each moment for the marvelous beings we are – no matter what label we choose.

Scott “Q” Marcus is a motivational weight loss expert who specializes on helping baby boomers live happier, healthier lives. He is a professional speaker, Syndicated Columnist, and the CRP (Chief Recovering Perfectionist) of, a site for people who are tired of making promises to themselves but are willing to do what it takes to actually makes changes. In addition, he conducts speeches, workshops, and presentations throughout the country on how to achieve goals, improve attitude, and enjoy the process. You can contact him for speaking, coaching or consulting, or you can sign up for his free weekly “Monday Motivational Memo” at

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Motivational Tips For Staying Healthy

Do you find yourself losing interest in staying healthy or in exercising? Maybe you were enthusiastic and dedicated. Then, you suddenly find your interest fading in doing exercises. Then, you go back to your old habits. What if instead of making huge changes to your life, you choose to make small changes? Simple changes to your life will help you stay healthy.Take-Care-of-Your-Body-Motivational-Quote

Rethink your role model

Barbie dolls may have been your role model as a child, but then they are six feet tall, have thin legs and a thin waist. Moreover, they have the extra inches up their chests and are too skinny to be role models as children grow up. In fact, you should rethink your role model because it will help you to accept yourself for who you are and make you motivated enough to go to the gym. Remember – it all begins in the mind.

Feel good about yourself

Be sure that the people around you want to make you feel good. It does not matter what your health condition or your size is. If you have friends, who encourage you to smoke, drink alcohol or skip the gym, then it is high time you find friends, who can help encourage you to cultivate some good habits. Do not be hung up on the number of pounds you weigh. Instead, eat healthy and exercise. That is more than enough to live a healthy life.

Know what makes you eat more

If you want to stay motivated, then you should consider knowing what your problem areas are and having a plan to deal with them. Do you use food to cope with depression, boredom, rejection or even personal success? Think of healthier ways to cope with your mood swings. Instead of eating food every time you feel something, In addition, try to avoid bingeing on foods whenever you feel disappointed, bored or even dejected. Fill your kitchen with plenty of fruits and vegetables so that whenever you feel tempted to eat, you can simply chew on one of them.

Find a cheering section

Many people need a cheering section or someone who can help them muster their courage and determination. It does not matter who gives the support – your spouse, co-worker or your friend. Think of four to five people, who might be in your cheering section. Talk to these people and ask them how you can get help from them along with some motivation to visit your gym or to cultivate healthy food habits.

To know more about colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation, please check our website.

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Top 4 Ways to Naturally Lower Cholesterol

People often request for ways to reduce high cholesterol levels and to lead a healthy life, but are unaware that the solution to their problems usually start with themselves.

Besides medication that may contain side-effects, there are some natural ways where people can reduce their cholesterol levels. In comparison to prescribed drugs, these natural ways are risk-free, do not have side effects and will almost definitely improve one’s health and life.

Something more fatal than prescribed drugs would be to totally ignore one’s cholesterol levels and with time, their worsened condition would lead to a stroke, or even a heart attack.

Here are 4 great ways to improve your life and health while maintaining a healthy cholesterol level with the use of medication.

A Healthy Diet

It sounds almost impractical for one to have a healthy lifestyle unless one becomes a vegetarian. In a modern society where fast-food has almost become the staple food for youths and where unhealthy food is available almost everywhere, even if we are watchful over our diet, one still is unable to escape the fate of ingesting more cholesterol than they should.

However, having a low fat and low cholesterol diet is often the first step to lowering one’s cholesterol level. Consumption of fiber and spices also have beneficial effects on the body to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. 


Getting out of the couch and to start moving is often one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Through exercise, running, cycling, swimming, basketball, one can improve their cardiovascular health and strengthen their heart and circulatory system.

Though exercise may not directly reduce one’s cholesterol; but the strengthening of the circulatory system can help reduce stroke or heart attacks chances. Moreover, exercise can help one reduce their weight which also helps reduce the cholesterol levels in a person’s body. 

Stop Smoking

Smoking builds up the plaque in one’s arteries causes by high cholesterol much faster. As a result, a smoker’s heart has to work much harder to pump blood through those clogged up arteries to provide oxygen for the whole body.

This extra work forced onto the heart can actually cause heart failure, or when the arteries are completely blocked, there is a high chance a stroke or heart attack would occur.

Learn to relax

High levels of stress can also cause one to have high levels of cholesterol. When a person is constantly placed under stress, even when he is under a low cholesterol diet, the result of lowered cholesterol would be very limited.

To achieve a lower cholesterol level, we must first to learn to stay relaxed despite under stressful conditions, only then would the other steps to reduce cholesterol be more effective. 

You need not wait very long to observe the results of lowered cholesterol. In a few weeks, you can sense an improvement in your health and have your cholesterol level lowered significantly.

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Primal Fitness – Reveal Your Inner Caveman!

If you look back at old portrayals of Caveman times you don’t tend to see images of overweight thirty-somethings sitting around all day doing nothing!

Cavemen and women were strong, healthy and energetic. Compare this to the adult population of today that are generally overweight, inactive and constantly tired.

Diet has a lot to do with our generations’ problems but lets focus on the exercise habits of our ancestors to see if we can learn from their activity patterns.

There were no sophisticated treadmills, heart rate monitors or Power Plates back in those days so what did they do to stay in shape?

Without the help and guidance of Jane Fonda, our ancestors simply used primal movement patterns to achieve their fitness levels.

Many theorists have categorised primal movements patterns into different terms but they generally agree that there were seven:

  • push
  • pull
  • squat
  • lunge
  • twist
  • bend
  • locomotion

Fitness trainers are now realising the importance of incorporating primal movements into workouts and you will see primal circuits popping up around the country over the next few years.

Why not design your own primal circuit that you could easily do at home?

Here are a few exercise ideas for each movement category, then simply put them into a circuit format of one minute of each primal movement and repeat the circuit 3 times.

PUSH – press ups or triceps dips.

PULL – pull ups (if you have a chin up bar!) or any sort of rowing action (holding onto a steady base such as a headboard or stair bannisters).

SQUAT – basic squats or burpees with a squat jump.

LUNGE – stationary lunges on each leg or travelling lunges around the room.

TWIST – woodchops (use a heavy object or weights to provide resistance) or sit on the edge of a chair and simply twist your body round touching the back of the chair with the opposite hand.

BEND – deadlift a heavy object from the floor or plunge lunge (lunge forward whilst bending and touching your front foot as you perform the exercise).

LOCOMOTION – jogging, crawling or sprinting across the room.

So now that you have some exercise ideas, why not give your primal circuit a go at home and release your inner caveman or cavewoman!

Helen Ttofa runs the community based fitness company nogymrequired in the UK. The aim of nogymrequired is to create community and not competition. For more information visit