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Reacting to Anger – How Well Is Your Child Doing?

How do we deal with anger as adults? Surely, we are mature enough to avoid a violent verbal or physical reaction? Well, not always and we too have problems in self control. Then there is also the problem of carrying anger issues around as baggage for many years. One of the great sayings of Buddha was: ‘holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die’.1050_symptoms_emotional_mental_head

A child can react to anger issues in many different ways. This depends not only on his or her character but also on the situation they find themselves in. They may be afraid of the person who has caused the angry reaction. Before you can judge about how well your child is doing, let us look at some of the key features of anger management.

Anger will be shown in many different ways

There are many manifestations of anger:-

  • sulking
  • physically hitting possessions or furniture
  • excluding the person responsible for causing the row
  • adopting avoidance strategies
  • talking about the problem to a parent or teacher
  • refusing to mention the problem and harbour anger and fear.

Teaching children how to deal with anger.

First, teachers and parents have to remember that children will need several reminders that aggression is inappropriate. This will happen a few times and it may be necessary to repeat the warning or activity to drive the point home.

Secondly, talking about such a strong emotion as anger will depend very much on how the child has been taught to express feelings verbally. There are some families where this never or rarely happens. This will determine the success or failure of trying to help the child to talk about how he or she feels when angry.

Thirdly, parents and teachers need to provide models where they clearly demonstrate or talk about their ways of coping with anger and frustration. Children will copy role models. If there is aggression and verbal abuse on the part of the parents, it will be difficult to teach gentler and calmer ways of controlling this strong emotion.

Using stories to help children deal with anger

Telling stories or asking children to read stories about children or animals in angry situations can be very effective. We need to check that these books teach a responsible attitude towards anger and that aggression and violence are labelled as taboo.

Look out for books written about animals in amusing situations where they have to learn to control their feelings when taunted, teased and provoked by some of their fellow animals in the jungle. Younger children can easily relate to these scenarios.

So, how well is your child doing? Bear in mind the above points and try to encourage your child to express his feelings verbally so that aggression will never be an option. Stories are one of the most effective ways of doing this.

Are you interested in reading a story for children with anger issues? Check out my blog, Problem Kids Blog for more details. Robert Locke has written on parenting and mental health issues for many years.

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Soul Food: 5 Secrets to Renew, Recharge and Be Happy

benefits-of-juicing_grandeIt is not uncommon these days to get so busy that you don’t even realize you are overwhelmed, tired and headed for a burn out.

With work, kids, and other obligations, life can get out of control very quickly.

In the midst of the chaos, you lose the meaning of what you are doing and you have too much invested to notice. Your soul whispers to you but you don’t hear.

It happened to me without me seeing it

Things seemed to be flowing smoothly in the blended work life that I created. I love what I do. But the flow got so fast I didn’t know how to slow it down.

Here’s what that looked like for me.

Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I divide my time each week: half is spent supporting a small non-profit that supports families with a seriously ill child with cancer, and the other half is spent branding and marketing small wellness businesses to get them more clients. A great combination. Until I’m running so hard and fast, working every minute of every day, and realize I’ve lost the whole reason I created this lifestyle in the first place: flexibility to live a happy, meaningful and adventurous life.

There was no personal time, no time to recharge, no time to enjoy the things in life that I love to do. My soul felt empty, drained and exhausted, and I knew I had to make a change.

Here are 5 secrets I discovered that helped me renew, recharge and get the happy back into my life:

1. Create a margin. If you want to add the spark and happiness back into your life, you need to have the space to welcome it. Just like a Polaroid photo with a small white margin around it, you need to add that same padding into your day. For me, that meant finishing up a few marketing contracts and not replacing them. Give yourself some space so when something comes up in the moment, you not only notice it, but you can jump into it and embrace it.

2. Protect the new space. Don’t pre-schedule. Savor the time. Life is a mystery, and the only thing we know for sure is what’s right here and right now. When you take a pause and live into that, magic moments will start to happen that feed your parched soul like water in the desert. You’ll see that it’s the little things that matter.

3. Sleep, pray, eat well and exercise. This is a priority to me. When you take time to replenish your spirit it allows you to serve others from your overflow. If your bucket is empty, what do you have to offer?

4. Break old habits. Start with being honest with yourself by taking a serious look at what’s missing and stealing your joy. Create new options that replace the old patterns. It doesn’t take long to create new habits, and you will quickly see that you become what you do.

5. Dare to say yes. Really, so simple but so life changing. Do something different. Be brave enough to look the world straight in the eye and step out even though you might feel uncomfortable. Say yes, a hearty yes, to new adventures! Fall in love with life all over again.

The last step of dare to say yes, refueled me like nothing else. I am an adventuress, and I lost that part of me in the day-to-day chaos.

Here’s the difference these secrets made to me in just one month:

  • I joined a 6 week hiking training group with people I didn’t know. Stepping out of my comfort zone – absolutely – but I forced myself to go. A little awkward at first as they were darting up the mountain and I was the straggler, but I kept at it and I’m right with them now. After just 3 weeks, it has become a highlight of my week, not only with the challenge and adventure, but I have made a lovely group of new friends.
  • A personal trainer partnered with me to amp up my eating habits and exercise routine. I’ve lost fat, gained muscle and feel fabulous with only 1 month in.
  • On a windy, sunny day, I said yes to sailing with a new friend on Puget Sound. It’s been over 20 years since I sailed, so once again it’s a big stretch, but it turned out to be the most exhilarating thing I done for a long time. So much that I am enrolled in a sailing certification course next weekend!
  • It didn’t take much to say yes to an adventuresome 32 mile bike tour event on Lopez Island, which is one of my favorites in the San Juan Islands. In just an hour drive and a short ferry ride, we were biking on a glorious rural island with Puget Sound all around us. I am reminded that nothing is too good to be true.

It feels so fabulous to be back. I’m reclaiming my title: Chief Adventuress. Each day I will wake up with expectation for what’s ahead for that day, believing that the best is yet to be. I believe that opportunity is everywhere and all around me.

There’s more to come and more to share. But how about you? Which of these secrets will help you renew, recharge and be happy?

Life is for you!

Maren Finzer has over 20 years experience as a brand and marketing strategist, and is passionate to help non-profits and healthy, active small businesses raise their visibility. For free resources and downloads, visit

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Curing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Through Dream Therapy

healthy-heart-e1395869781212I will give you an example to show you that even a difficult case can be easily cured when the dreamer is religious.

I cannot tell you various important details about the dreamer’s life, but I can tell you that she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, and I can also show you a part of what is happening in her daily life without exposing the dreamer.

You will understand why the dreamer’s religiosity helped her. I will show you the beginning of one of the first dreams she had submitted for translation:

‘I am part of a very long line of people, I am with my father, my father is behind me. Suddenly, I do not see my father anymore, I notice that I am behind a co-worker, both, he and I are wearing a yellow sweater.’

Dream translation:

‘I am part of a very long line of people, I am with my father, my father is behind me.’

You represent your ego in dreams.

These people are parts of your personality.

This line is formed by the various parts of your personality that are waiting their turn to control your behavior.

Your father represents your one-sided human conscience based on only one psychological function well developed and another one half-developed, from the four psychological functions you have at your disposal: thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuition.

The fact that your one-sided conscience is behind your ego in this line means that your conscience is waiting its turn to control your behavior after your ego, and after all the other parts of your personality that are in front of you.

‘Suddenly, I do not see my father anymore, I notice that I am behind a co-worker,’

Your one-sided conscience stopped waiting its turn to control your behavior because it saw that you would do what it wanted, when it saw the coworker in front of you.

This coworker represents a mature part of your personality. Your ego is behind him because this part of your personality will manage to control your behavior before your ego.

‘both, he and I are wearing a yellow sweater,’

The sweater represents a protection, and also your social image – the image you show to the world about who you are. You show to the world that you are protected and this part of your personality does the same.

The yellow color represents the truth.

Your ego and this part of your personality are showing to the world that you are saying the truth, but the color of an object is only an impression, it can be a false image.

You seem to be sincere, and you seem to show the truth about who you are to the world. You are protected by your sincere social image.

However, your ego must control your behavior, and not the other parts of your personality that are waiting in line.

Let me relate this dream to the previous day:

‘About what happened the day before, I do not remember, the last 3 weeks have been difficult at work, dealing with my boss and co-workers is hard. There is a war of egos. The medication I was taking for panic attacks was affecting my cognition so I decided to stop taking it, as a result of the abstinence syndrome I had difficulties doing some math calculations and that led people start making fun of me in my face. It’s been a nightmare but God has helped me to get rid of unnecessary egoistic desires that would make things worst.’

You have to be patient with your colleagues. You also have to keep translating your dreams so that you may get rid of your panic attacks.

The medication you were taking was not helping you and its side effects were causing more problems. Panic attacks must be eliminated through psychotherapy.

The meaning of dreams is symbolic. Your coworkers represent parts of your personality. This dream is about your behavior, and not about the workplace.

I’m using her example not to give you lessons of dream translation, but to show you that the dreamers who have a positive attitude and believe in God make progress fast, independently of the severity of their mental illness.

This dreamer was one of my best patients. She already finished her treatment. She also learned the dream language, and today she translates her dreams herself.

Sometimes she submits a dream for translation when she has an intriguing dream or when she must deal with a challenging situation because she wants to be sure that the translation is correct, but she was basically cured.

If you knew her life biography and the problems she had to deal with during her childhood, you wouldn’t believe that someone who had such experiences in life could be a logical person.

Other patients have traumatic experiences that are not as serious as the traumatic experiences this dreamer had, but their conscience is so weak that they acquire a severe mental illness like bipolar disorder or multiple personality disorder, which is many times worse than PTSD.

You should be religious and respect the lessons you had because religion is medicine.

If you don’t believe in God, today you have scientific proof of His existence because the dream language was clarified thanks to my simplifications, and you can verify that God works like a therapist for you.
God surely exists, since He works hard all the time. He gives you important information, and He answers your questions in dreams. Today you can understand His words in the dream images, and verify that these words are meaningful and wise.

Therefore, wanting or not you have to believe in God’s existence. This is a fact.

You will be intelligent if you will respect your religion. Your religiosity will help you follow dream therapy faster, and you will have positive results in a short period of time.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung’s research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.
Learn more at:

Click Here to download a Free Sample of the eBook Dream Interpretation as a Science (86 pages!).

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The Real Scoop on Meditation

There is a lot of flowery, poetic language about meditation and what it will do for you. Let me give it to you straight. Meditation is setting aside a fixed amount of time, even a minute, to do nothing, achieve nothing and be free of daily demands. It is just a space.healthy-heart-e1395869781212

Within this space you can calm your breath, practice relaxing and releasing, calm your thoughts, discover something new. OR NOT. Who knows what will fill the space but

  • set your timer,
  • put your body there
  • and see what happens

Here is a typical meditation session for me and I don’t do it every day. I know I should but I’m being straight with you. I set my timer for 10 minutes and this time I settle into a low chair that lets me rest my feet on the floor. I like to try different chairs and pillows to see how they feel.

So, I remember to focus on my breathing, in and out, and within seconds I’m thinking about what I want to wear because I’m still in my PJs. This switch happens so fast I didn’t even feel it until I realized I was in the middle of it. So dutifully I go back to my breath, this time amusing myself by making it go to one side more than the other side, my elbow raising like a chicken wing. And zap! I’m making a grocery list!

Back to my breathing I remember I’m supposed to learn to relax and I do notice my jaw is tense and my toes curled. I enjoy releasing some muscles and do begin to feel a little softer. Nice.

Zap, incoming judgment where I wonder why I’m bothering to meditate. Does it really make a difference? Wouldn’t a nap do the same thing? Back to my breathing, back to noticing tension in my body and then I’m surprised to have the image of my brain as a calm pool of water. Where did that come from?

I sit back and enjoy the calm and notice a couple of worries bubbling up but they are in the water and I’m watching from the side. The water is silver blue and the worries break the surface. Well, what do you know? Both the worries are about someone else’s problem that I think I can fix. I wonder if I do that a lot? I let those two worries swim away to their own pool.

Zap again but this time it’s the timer and I’m surprised because, for a moment, I really traveled inside and forgot I was forcing myself to meditate!

Mindful Minutes are short suggestions for experimenting with bringing more peace and clarity into your life. Join me as I deepen my practice of mindfulness and share my experience. Sign up for Mindful Minutes at [email protected].

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Life Mastery – Exploring Our Power to Create Our Reality

Alt reality  on computer keyboard

Alt reality on computer keyboard

Diving right in, certainly there exists a universal framework which allows for one to consciously create a reality and have that creation manifest as their experience. This framework essentially exists as a collection of patterns, geometries, pathways, and systems which dictate the manner in which nature unfolds and creations manifest. Pertinent to this article, our conscious mind functions within this framework as an architect and builder, the reality which we wish to conjure is constructed and shaped within the mind which is then broadcast to the universe through the vacuum. In response, the universe forms a pathway through which your created reality is able to manifest and be experienced by your consciousness.

Now let’s discuss how this inherent power of ours can be honed through meditative practice. The universe is constantly “listening” to the thoughts and desires which form in our minds as we are innately creators. Therefore, if we are able to still the mind and clearly and concisely form an “image” of the reality we wish to experience then the universe is provided with more exact instructions as to how to assist in manifesting that reality for us. On the other hand, if we divide our mind’s power between many different thoughts and images, we effectively decrease the creative force attached to the reality our consciousness is attempting to build. Furthermore, it is also very important to simply believe that you have this creative power within you already because if you do not, you end up informing the universe that you do not believe the reality you desire can and will manifest for you (which is a pretty good way of preventing it from doing so).

Lastly, we can view our minds as consisting of two elements: the outer mind and the inner mind. The outer mind can be seen as the director which perceives and experiences the world. The inner mind is basically the seat of creative potential within you which unwavering fulfills whatever request is dictated by the outer mind as it lacks any ability to discriminate, doubt, or disbelieve. Thus as soon as the outer mind constructs an “image” of one’s desired reality the inner mind throws its creative power behind it and sends it off to the vacuum. When you create a desired realty within your mind you attach a portion of your essence to it, and this is what helps attract the manifestation of that reality into your experience. Accordingly, the longer and more clearly your desired reality is held in your mind, the greater the amount of your essence that you attach to it, and the faster that reality manifests for you. This is how we as divine human beings can master our lives and I hope that this article has been of some use to you in shedding some light on the power that is all of ours by birthright. Take care.

Denton Coleman is the founder of Satori Institute which is an online holistic health and wellness academy. You may visit Satori Institute at or check out Satori Institute’s Holistic Yoga Course which is now available here:!holistic-yoga-course-lp/c1wam.

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Are You Grasping or Gravitating?

How do you know if you are you grasping or gravitating in your life? When you are grasping you are trying to make something happen or striving forward; perhaps operating on auto-pilot and working on that big “should list”? When you are gravitating you are coming from an intuitive place and you are naturally drawn to people and circumstances that support you in your highest good. It feels easy and it unfolds easily. Sometimes we question that feeling because it goes against what we were taught – that you have to make things happen, keep on striving and moving up and that ANY momentum is a good thing. I don’t know about you, but I want to work smarter doing what I love (not harder) because I want plenty of time to play, love and have fun!2341_620x290

When we are grasping and living on auto-pilot this can create a lot of stress that impacts our physical and emotional health. This will generally manifest in health issues like weight gain, depression, addictive behaviors such as anesthetizing with food and/or alcohol, exacerbating autoimmune diseases, heart disease, and even cancer. It is well established that stress feeds cancer, so I’m not saying that to scare you. The sad truth is that living a stressed out, unhappy and unfulfilled life has consequences, but you do have a choice.

How do you know if you are grasping or gravitating? When you are presented with a situation to consider or a desire to create something, do the following:

1. Check in with your physical response. Do you feel heavy/sad or light/happy? This is a great indicator and I’ve talked about this concept before; how some things can literally weigh you down and you need to detox/cleanse them from you life. Well you can also use this “feel test” when considering what to do next or when presented with a new opportunity. Do you feel tense, nauseous, or heavy at the thought? Or do you feel light, happy and joyful at the thought?

2. Sit quietly and meditate and/or ask for guidance. This may take some patience if new to this sort of thing. I remember when I was a newcomer to praying and meditation so I encourage you to be patient with yourself. Sometimes just a quiet walk in nature will provide the answer. Just be open to receiving the messages.

3. Surrender to the outcome. The result may not be what you EXPECTED, maybe it’s better!

In the past when I have tried to make things happen because I feel like I should be doing something to move my life and business forward, they always seem to fall short. I usually end up dreading what I committed to and then beat myself up for not getting it “right”. But when I check in with my internal guidance system first, those ideas and concepts get much better results because they are more in alignment with who I am.

I have learned many things in my life that I apply to my coaching practice. In fact, I am frequently asked how I bucked my family legacy of obesity (morbid), type II diabetes, depression, negativity, and unfulfilled desires that led to my mother’s death at the age of 71. The short answer to this question is personal choice and learning to tap into my intuition and mindset. When you realize that you do have a choice over family inheritance, environment, and what you choose to believe about yourself and how to live your life, things can change in an instant. You. Decide. Now.

You decide to take a step toward that which you want with all your heart. You decide to stand up for yourself. You decide that today is the day you take back your health and reject an unhealthy inheritance. You decide to love yourself first so that you can really enjoy life with those that you love. You decide to own your worth and declare your value. You decide to stop grasping and living on auto-pilot. The list goes on, but I think you get the idea.

What thought can you decide to change right now? Now take action, no matter how small. Make a call, reach out, ask for help, make it known, and then let it go. Now applaud yourself and smile!

Gift Yourself a Beautifully Empowered Life!

At what point in your life did you FEEL your best?
Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines of your life?
Do you feel disconnected or like you are living on auto-pilot?
I want you to know that feeling disconnected, pulled in a million directions and unhealthy doesn’t have to be your path. It’s OK to want more for yourself and I can show you how! Together we can create the life you have always dreamed of – vibrant, healthy, happy, energetic, and full of juicy possibilities.
Contact me today for your Free 30 Minute Discovery Session:
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My unique combination of health coaching and nutrition knowledge, merged with a highly intuitive, joyous, energetic and spiritual approach to living allows me get to the heart of what really matters with my clients and guide them toward their most Beautifully Empowered life!

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How to Meditate and Vipassana Meditation

meditateVipassana meditation is an interesting type of meditation, strict and rigid. Generally practiced in silence and using your breath to meditate. It is something you may want to discover a little later in your experimenting. How to meditate is far more important first before tackling Vipassana.

So today we are going to learn how to meditate with a simple and easy kind of meditation that anyone should be able to do.

Meditation, also know as mindfulness, will help give your life meaning and perspective. A sense of awareness of being and living in the now.

When we slow down our mind and relax our body, we can start to sense a change of attitude, a change of outlook and a change of life.

Meditation has no rules, it is part of no religion and it transcends boundaries. Where can you meditate? At home, in the park, at work and even waiting in line at the football or supermarket.

Let’s start with what I call a Two Minute Breath meditation. Get yourself comfortable and relaxed, turn off your phone and get your partner to mind the children if need be.

With eyes closed begin to focus on your breath. Become aware of your breath as you breathe in and out. Feel your breath as you inhale and sense it filling your lungs. The breath is invisible and yet we can feel it, almost touch it, but we cannot see it but we know it is there. It is a sacred element giving us life.

Once you learn this technique your life will never be the same. When you focus on your body and just your breath it is very hard for other thoughts to come into your mind. Your focus becomes intense and laser like giving your mind greater clarity.

This practice is easy. Vipassana is tough. This one takes no longer than two minutes a day. If you can meditate both morning and night then wonderful and good for you. That’s four minutes out of your 24 hour day. I am sure you can spare that.

It will be well worth it as you start to change in very subtle ways. You become calmer, relaxed, you don’t worry so much, you become focused and inspired to do the things that you love doing. You will also stop worrying about what others think of you.

Vipassana meditation is a free course over 10 days and I highly recommend them once you have been practising at least 2 years. These courses are in silence for 10 days. There is no physical contact, no eye contact and no reading or taking notes. If you are looking for a higher level of meditation then vipassana may be the answer for you.

Kevin McNamara’s mission is to inspires schools, businesses, organisations and all people throughout the world with his inspirational talks and KTV videos.

His second goal is to be the most watched inspirational speaker in the world! Kevin is a speaker whose message encourages hope, and inspires you to live up to your full potential by actually changing your identity to become the authentic you, not a character that someone else wants you to be.

Twitter –

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How To Keep Active Mentally and Physically After Retirement

Keeping active daily and learning new things can make for a stimulating retirement with little boredom. If you didn’t lead an active life, now is a great time to start since nothing is in the way to hold you back.Exercise class

Hanging out with other seniors that are active will help you stay active, too. You may not keep at it unless you are motivated, and having friends join you in an activity helps you keep doing it. If you are starting a new activity, have a spouse or buddy join with you.

Doing aerobic exercise increases your endurance which increases your heart rate and breathing capacity. Some examples are:

  • brisk walking
  • swimming
  • dancing
  • biking

Strength exercise, which includes lifting free weights, increases muscle mass and strength. You can also accomplish this by using resistance bands. It is also good for maintaining your bone density which prevents any falls from doing a lot of damage. The weights don’t need to be too heavy to do the job, and you can fit in short series of repetitions throughout the day.

You really want to work on keeping your muscles working well. This will help you stay functional in all areas of your life. Plus you will be less likely to suffer a serious break if you fall. It will be easier to carry in your groceries and even lift up your new grandchild.

Stretching exercises keep you flexible. Yoga is a great exercise for seniors because it is low impact and the stretching is slow and gentle. There are also at home stretching workouts using a ballet barre. And doing balance exercises with it will increase your balance and help prevent falls. Being limber will help keep you active around the house which can make living on your own safer. If you don’t have a bar to hold onto you could use a stable chair, table edge or countertop.

As a senior, you have more time to spend on hobbies and other activities.

If a certain hobby has interested you throughout the years, during retirement you can take classes to immerse yourself and get to the next level or skill. You can even travel to distant cities to take courses for more intensive training, if you feel inclined to do so.

You can learn a skill you didn’t have had time for in the past. If learning the piano was always out of reach, it is something you can learn now and in less than a year you can play your favorite music easily.

Giving yourself challenges is important to keep you looking forward. Keeping active mentally and physically helps you maintain your memory and your muscle mass while doing the things you love. There really is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it. Make your retirement a time to bloom.

Russell (Rusty) Hart is the founder of the Health, Fitness & Sport Club, a website devoted to the promotion of health, fitness and wellness. Should this subject matter be of interest you can visit the HF & S Club home site where you’ll find over 1,300 quality posts with new posts being published daily. To quickly access those that are of interest you can select any of 20 Categories broken down by over 260 Sub-Categories for easy access.

Access this website by going to

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Top 5 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Brain

As we grow older our bodies age slowly on the outside and the inside. Depending on how you take care of yourself, one side might age faster than the other.

A perfect example is the brain. It stores everything we learn throughout our lives, and the older we get the harder it is to remember.

However, there are certain things we can do that will slow the ageing of our brain and the memory loss that accompanies.

Below I have listed five things you can do that will help keep your mind sharp and prevent memory loss as you age.

Play Games

Playing games that trigger your memory helps your mind stay in shape. Practicing to remember is like exercise for the mind.

Games like crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and matching games are all proven to delay brain decline.


Certain nutrients are known to help the brain preserve memory. For example, Omega 3 fatty acids repair our brain cells.

You can buy Omega 3 supplements online or eat the foods that they occur in naturally. Foods like oatmeal, brown rice and salmon all contain Omega 3’s.

Also, vitamin B12 promotes healthy brain function. Good sources are shellfish, beef, and milk products.

Get Enough Sleep

When we sleep our bodies heal and repair at a faster and more efficient rate than when we are awake.

Not getting enough rest and having irregular sleeping habits slows this process down and we lose our edge.


Working out keeps you looking good on the outside but exercise does even more for us on the inside.

By doing cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, running, or cycling and mixing in strength training three to four times a week you will get much-needed oxygen to the brain. This optimizes brain function and performance.

No Smoking & Drinking

Drinking kills your brain cells and studies have shown that cells killed by drinking do not replenish.

Furthermore, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol puts you more at risk for developing dementia as compared to those that don’t do one or the other.

Memory loss is typically something that naturally occurs as we grow older. By putting forth the effort and taking care of yourself you can lessen and delay the effects of age.

However, conditions such as Alzheimer disease and dementia are not something that naturally occur with aging.

If you experience any symptoms related to these conditions you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Dementia is treatable and the rate of Alzheimer disease slowed, if treated early.