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Alkaline Ash Diet – An Informative Guide

Do you feel run down all the time in spite of your having a regular meal and having a regular exercise regime? And thinking about it is making you more miserable. Not to worry, help is at hand. A simple answer for you is to try alkaline ash diet.

Wooden bowl of mixed salad

Wooden bowl of mixed salad

Still confused? Well, when we are talking about alkaline ash diet we are referring to eating those foods and drinks which have an alkaline effect on the body. In other words the food we eat is based on the mineral content of the food and the ash residue that it leaves in the body after consumption.

Some of the food which we consume leaves an acid ash and others an alkaline ash. We just have to be careful enough to choose those foods which will leave an alkaline ash rather than an acid ash and thus not cause harm to the body.

Although we all have a different body composition, the scientific studies show that we should aim to have 70 – 80% alkaline food and the remaining 20 – 30% as acid forming food.

So a little change of lifestyle is going to help you in the long run about regaining your lost energy. And you need not worry much about where to get hold of the alkaline food. Do you know most of the foods which we consume in our daily diet are either alkaline or acidic in nature? So a little knowledge of which food is what will solve the problem for you.

Most of us know that low sugar foods; fresh vegetables and fruits are good for our body, isn’t it? Yes, these are the foods which falls under alkaline food category and sweets, alcohol, saturated fats, meat etc. leaves acid ash residue in the body.

So if you are looking for a healthy body you must avoid very acid ash producing foods. There is another advantage of having alkaline ash producing foods as they help to counteract an acid imbalance of the body.

Don’t settle for short term remedy to your never-ending tiredness and lack of energy. Lead an energized and full of vigor life. There is more to life than sitting and cribbing about how it used to be when you had more energy and you were more productive.

Learn more about the alkaline and acid diet to regain vitality and get back the energy and liveliness back into your life in just a week’s time. Check out http://www.acidakalinediet.org as the site offers Free Alkaline Diet Chart and newsletter to help you get started.

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Heart Attack and Stroke – Why Does Artery Health Matter?

11While some progress in the battle against heart attack and stroke has been made in recent years the numbers are still quite sobering with statistics supplied by the American Heart Association stating that coronary heart disease alone currently accounts for 1 of every 6 deaths in the United States.

Additionally it is estimated that every 34 seconds, 1 American has a coronary event, and approximately every 1 minute, an American will die of one.

That means if it takes you 5 minutes to read this article there will have been 5 deaths and just slightly less than 10 coronary events, some of which will have occurred without warning.

Hopefully you are not one of them!

One could make the argument that part of the reason why the number of heart attacks, strokes, and coronary events has not declined more dramatically is a general misunderstanding of the cause, and how and why that cause occurs.

Additionally, the reliance of cholesterol lowering statin drugs to save the day could be another contributing factor as recent research tells us statin medications tend to only produce statistically significant results for individuals in certain high risk categories.

Getting Down To Basics

Statistical research compiled by the AHA tells us that 75 percent of all heart attacks and 87 percent of stokes are classified as Ischemic which means they are caused by arterial blood clots which block blood flow formed either at the site of the blockage (Cerebral thrombosis) or elsewhere (Cerebral embolism).

As you can see the potentially serious health event we refer to as a heart attack or stroke is really more of an artery issue that produces an outcome.

Artery Health and Why It Matters

Put simply healthy plaque free arteries translates into low risk for heart attack or stroke while poor artery health translates into high risk for heart attack or stroke.

The National Library of Medicine lists the primary contributing factors for poor artery health as family history, diabetes, smoking, and high blood pressure with the bottom line cause being plaque deposit formation triggered by inflammation.

In theory if we were to keep the inner lining of our arteries healthy and plaque free we should be able to almost completely eliminate the risk for heart attack and stroke.

The point I am trying to make here is that by thinking about the cause, and trying to prevent it, rather than the outcome (heart attack or stroke) we all will be taking a step in right direction on the road to broad based cardiovascular health and prevention.

So if you accept the science that deterioration in artery health greatly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke then the next thing we need to find out is what can be done to protect our arteries from current dangers and possible reverse existing damage.

Natural Herbs and Remedies May Help

From a natural health perspective there are a number of herbs that seem to be able to promote artery health with garlic and hawthorn considered by most to be two of the best.

*Garlic can prevent and treat plaque buildup in the arteries. Clinical trials seem to indicate that consuming fresh garlic or taking garlic supplements can lower cholesterol levels, prevent blood clots and destroy plaque according to information published by the University of Maryland Medical Center.

*Additionally, The University of Maryland Medical Center tells us that taking the herb hawthorn in a wide range of dosages (up to 1800 mg per day) can help prevent plaque formation in arteries, lower high cholesterol and lower high blood pressure. Hawthorn may help regulate the heartbeat and dilate blood vessels.

*There is some suggestion that omega 3 supplements such as fish oil and krill oil may help overall cardiovascular health while vitamin B12 may protect us from dangerous amino acids known as homocysteins.

If you are concerned about artery health and haven’t heard of homocysteins it might be and area of cardiovascular research worth learning more about.

Rob D. Hawkins is an enthusiastic researcher and consumer advocate for natural health and natural living with over 12 years experience in the field.

Type 2 Diabetes – How Eating Red Meat Is Linked To An Increased Risk of Developing Diabetes

11Eating red meat has repeatedly been associated with Type 2 diabetes. Investigators at the German Institute of Human Nutrition in Potsdam-Rehbruecke, Nuthetal, and several other research centers in Germany, looked at various molecules to determine the connection.

Their study, reported on in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in May 2015, included 2681 participants. Six hundred of these 2681 participants were new cases of full-blown Type 2 diabetes. Participants filled out a diet questionnaire to determine the actual amount of meat they consumed each day.

Amino acids, fats, and ferritin were measured in each individual’s blood. It was found the participants who consumed the highest amounts of red meat had a 26 percent higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than did those people eating the lowest amounts…

  • glycine, an amino acid, was found in lower amounts in the highest meat-eating participants.
  • ferritin was highest in the high meat-consuming individuals.

Fats released by the liver also showed considerable differences. Sixty-nine percent of the increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes seen in the high meat group, was linked with high ferritin, low glycine, and altered fats from the liver.

From the above results it was concluded the differences in molecules seen in the blood of Type 2 diabetics were linked with the increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes seen in meat consumers.

Ferritin is a molecule that stores iron for use in making red blood cells. High levels are seen in various diseases. Glycine is the simplest of the amino acids, molecules that make up proteins. It is found in both plant and animal proteins. Altered liver-derived fats likely point to altered liver function. The question of how meat is linked with the development of Type 2 diabetes is a little closer to being solved. Further research should yield the answer.

Becoming vegetarian or vegan can be fun if you stock up on spices and vary your recipes to include a good variety of fruits and vegetables. There are many hundreds of vegan and vegetarian cookbooks in print, so look them over for the recipes that appeal most…

  • New York’s renowned Candle Cafe offers a book with instructions on how to make tempeh-portobello burgers and other great tasting food.
  • Peta.org (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) sells the above mentioned cookbook along with many others.
  • Google.com offers books like The Meat Lover’s Meatless Cookbook, Straight from the Earth, and many more.

Which ones appeal most? Take a look and select your favorite/s.

Although managing your disease can be very challenging, Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and lower both your weight and your blood sugar levels. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.

For nearly 25 years Beverleigh Piepers has searched for and found a number of secrets to help you build a healthy body. Go to http://DrugFreeType2Diabetes.com to learn about some of those secrets.

The answer isn’t in the endless volumes of available information but in yourself.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Beverleigh_H_Piepers

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Eating Healthy Has Its Perks

There are always so many guidelines and myths about eating healthy, what a healthy diet can do for your skin, abs, eyesight and overall life in general. Some of what you hear is in fact true, while others remain to be proven. One of the common misconceptions that stands out the most when it comes to eating healthy is you have to eat foods that taste like cardboard and grass. On the contrary, there are some very testy variables should you choose to travel that route.1050_symptoms_emotional_mental_head

Instead of eating less, you should in fact eat three complete meals a day and a least two snacks. So much food throughout the day can’t be healthy can it? Yes it can. Try to avoid the donuts and cream and sugar filled coffee and replace it with cereal (hot or cold) and a serving of fruit. For lunch, forego the pizza and try an open faced sandwich (something high in protein like tuna, egg or chicken salad, etc.) and a side salad with light dressing or vinegar. For your snacks, let’s face it, you could do without the chips. Instead grab a small handful of almonds, peanuts or celery and peanut butter or even find a sweet indulgence in half a cookie. Yes – half. For dinner fire up the grill and sate your palate with a plate of grilled salmon and veggies with a small side of rice pilaf. Not bad for a days worth of food is it? When you eat healthy, it doesn’t have to be miserable. You just need to make smart decisions about what you put into your mouth and try to limit your calories to an ideal total of 1,500- 2,000 calories daily.

What if you are an athlete and need more food to function?

When you make the choice to eat healthy and you are an athlete or any person who exercises on a regular basis, you will need to supply your body with the vital nutrients it uses and fluid it secretes (sweat) during your period of activity. In addition to your healthy diet, it is recommended that everyone, whether active or not, take a vitamin supplement to ensure they get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain proper body function. In answer to the question, athletes typically do have more to replace and need to take in a larger amount of calories, but do not over do it; consult your physician or nutrition specialist and eat responsibly.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you are an athlete or more active than the average person you can freely eat whatever you want whenever you want. You will still need to eat healthy and make sound decisions in your diet to maintain your current weight and energy level. If you overeat or over-indulge in foods that are high in fat and sugar, in time your body will begin to hit a low and become sluggish. Soon thereafter you may begin to notice weight gain. In order to avoid this, be sure to continue to eat healthy and maintain a balanced diet in conjunction with your continued exercise routine.

You try to eat healthy but during your menstrual cycle you tend to binge. What can you do?

First you need to put down the comfort foods and the chocolate and try consuming more vitamin D and calcium. Two foods that have a surprisingly high source of one or the other are eggs and broccoli. We’re not saying eat these power foods together, but try consuming them in higher quantities and it’ll be sure to keep you full and reduce your massive case of PMS. Broccoli has one of the highest forms of easily absorbable calcium, and eggs are one of nature’s best sources of vitamin D. When your focus is to eat healthy, there are a lot of foods that boast superpowers beyond your comprehension and Women’s Health Magazine gave us an insider’s look at those foods:

1. Chickpeas and Red Peppers= more energy

2. Avocados and Spinach= better vision

3. Olive Oil and Tomatoes= smoother skin

4. Yogurt and Ground Flaxseed= better digestion

5. Oatmeal and Apples= a healthier heart

6. Chicken and Sweet Potatoes= a stronger immune system

7. Balsamic Vinegar and Pasta= a slimmer midsection

8. Green Tea and Lemon Juice= cancer protection

Gear up on the proper foods and stock your fridge and shelves. You’ll be happy you did.

You do very well at eating healthy but you’re still hungry all the time and sore after workouts. What can you do?

Well as hard as it is to eat healthy and maintain a decent diet, it’s even harder to get the right mix of food needed for your body to function at its optimal level. No worries, its protein to the rescue. During a workout muscles stretch, rip and tear and during your recovery time, when you’re not working out, they repair themselves. The soreness you feel after a workout is your body and your muscles, repairing themselves.

To curb hunger, indulge in a bit more protein daily. Be sure to consult your physician to ensure you’re taking in the proper amount of protein each day in accordance with your exercise level. It’s not easy to eat healthy, but once you incorporate the proper foods into you daily diet, it should be easy sailing. Don’t be afraid to sate your occasional sweet tooth with chocolates or cakes, just remember when you aim to eat healthy, the rule of thumb is everything in moderation.

About Protica Research

Founded in 2001, Protica, Inc. is a nutritional research firm specializing in the development of protein-rich, capsulized foods (dense nutrition in compact liquid and food forms). Protica manufactures Profect protein beverage, IsoMetric, Fruitasia and more than 100 other brands in its GMP-certified, 250,000 square foot facility.

You can learn more about Protica at http://www.protica.com

Copyright – Protica Research – http://www.protica.com

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5 Simple Benefits of Eating a Healthy Diet

11You’ve been told to eat a healthy diet. You’ve heard it a million times, but nothing is happening. You try, but it just doesn’t work.

The truth of the matter is that you’re probably trying too hard. You’re trying to change your whole life, when you should be focusing on taking tiny steps.

It is when you take tiny steps that you reap the benefits, and the benefits of eating a healthy diet is what we’ll cover in this article.

1. Energy

When you eat a balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, your body responds by giving your more energy.

You’re putting the right fuel into your body, which helps your body run like the well-oiled machine it is.

So one of the big perks of eating healthy foods is that you’ll have more energy, and the more energy you have, the more motivate you’ll be to change the rest of your life.

2. Mood

When you give your body what it wants, not only do you get more energy, but your mood improves as well, you become happier.

You see, your brain needs certain nutrients to run properly. If you don’t eat fruits, vegetables, and whole foods, it won’t get what it needs, unless you take a high-quality supplement.

So eat good foods, and you’ll feel much better mentally.

3. Stress

When you give your body what it needs, you’ll be better able to cope with stress. For example, if you eat the right fats, you’ll improve your mood, and be able to cope with the ups and downs of life.

Everyone struggles with life, so we need all the help we can get, and taking the time to eat a balanced diet is exactly how you can get that help.

4. Flat Belly

When you start consuming more potatoes, broccoli, eggs, organic meat, and other whole foods, you’ll notice that you become satisfied faster.

With processed foods, you can eat forever, because they’re manufactured that way. The companies who create the cookies and candy you eat want you to keep eating, because it increases profits.

When you eat whole foods, however, you’ll eat less, lose weight, and look better.

5. Health Insurance

Living a healthy lifestyle is a kind of health insurance, because if you keep eating fast food, and other junk, chances are you’ll run into health problems sooner or later.

You can prevent this by eating more of what your body needs. And you can start today.

The Bottom Line

It’s not difficult to change the way you eat, because you don’t have to do it all at once. All you have to do is start.

Start by taking tiny steps. Add one banana into your diet. Eat one more fruit, or eat one healthy meal per day.

You can still eat the foods you like, but throw in something fresh from time to time. Your body and brain will thank you.

If you want to learn more about eating a balanced diet, I recommend you check out the following article here: http://www.happyhealthyrelaxed.com/why-is-eating-healthy-important/

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Reacting to Anger – How Well Is Your Child Doing?

How do we deal with anger as adults? Surely, we are mature enough to avoid a violent verbal or physical reaction? Well, not always and we too have problems in self control. Then there is also the problem of carrying anger issues around as baggage for many years. One of the great sayings of Buddha was: ‘holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die’.1050_symptoms_emotional_mental_head

A child can react to anger issues in many different ways. This depends not only on his or her character but also on the situation they find themselves in. They may be afraid of the person who has caused the angry reaction. Before you can judge about how well your child is doing, let us look at some of the key features of anger management.

Anger will be shown in many different ways

There are many manifestations of anger:-

  • sulking
  • physically hitting possessions or furniture
  • excluding the person responsible for causing the row
  • adopting avoidance strategies
  • talking about the problem to a parent or teacher
  • refusing to mention the problem and harbour anger and fear.

Teaching children how to deal with anger.

First, teachers and parents have to remember that children will need several reminders that aggression is inappropriate. This will happen a few times and it may be necessary to repeat the warning or activity to drive the point home.

Secondly, talking about such a strong emotion as anger will depend very much on how the child has been taught to express feelings verbally. There are some families where this never or rarely happens. This will determine the success or failure of trying to help the child to talk about how he or she feels when angry.

Thirdly, parents and teachers need to provide models where they clearly demonstrate or talk about their ways of coping with anger and frustration. Children will copy role models. If there is aggression and verbal abuse on the part of the parents, it will be difficult to teach gentler and calmer ways of controlling this strong emotion.

Using stories to help children deal with anger

Telling stories or asking children to read stories about children or animals in angry situations can be very effective. We need to check that these books teach a responsible attitude towards anger and that aggression and violence are labelled as taboo.

Look out for books written about animals in amusing situations where they have to learn to control their feelings when taunted, teased and provoked by some of their fellow animals in the jungle. Younger children can easily relate to these scenarios.

So, how well is your child doing? Bear in mind the above points and try to encourage your child to express his feelings verbally so that aggression will never be an option. Stories are one of the most effective ways of doing this.

Are you interested in reading a story for children with anger issues? Check out my blog, Problem Kids Blog for more details. Robert Locke has written on parenting and mental health issues for many years.

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5 Tips to Reduce Deep Wrinkles

11Neck, surrounding areas of the eyes and forehead are the most troubled areas where deep wrinkles start to develop. How long you can keep the wrinkles away depends on how proactive you are in terms of skin care. Want to know the tips to prevent deep wrinkles? Check out the section below:

1. Sugar is Detrimental for the Skin: Avoid adding white sugar to your drinks if you do not want premature skin aging. A poorly controlled blood sugar can increase glucose level in the blood stream. The glucose sticks to the collagen, an essential protein that makes your skin look supple. This can eventually make the protein block weaker and cause sagging of the skin.

2. Confirm You Are Not Hyaluronic Acid Deprived:

Skin aging can be due to a natural decline in the level of hyaluronic acid in the body. The water rich hyaluronic acid makes your skin look fuller, firmer and younger. Eat sweet potatoes to promote hyaluronic acid production in the body. You will find a few skin nourishing products in the market that claim to be made of this substance. Nowadays, many pharmaceutical companies come up with new skin care creams that contain ingredients to boost hyaluronic acid level in the skin.

3. Control Your Skin Exposure to Sun

This is almost an indispensable lifestyle modification criteria. Sunlight can double fold your skin aging and appearance of deep wrinkles. A prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can make your skin dull, dry and also trigger the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Find out a good sunscreen cream. Although this cream will reduce the impact of dangerous UV rays whenever you come to sunlight exposure, you have to be extra cautious in terms of trying not being in the direct sunlight for too long.

4. Never Ignore Vitamin C

It’s sad that sometimes we can’t entirely stop the organ deterioration process. But what we can do is try to compensate the deficiency. Vitamin C helps to increase production of collagen under the skin. This is why an anti wrinkle treatment must have vitamin C as a major ingredient.

5. Choose A Quality Skin Care Cream

It is better to stick to a cream that suit to your skin. Select a day and night cream wisely. A day cream should not be too greasy; but should have an effective sun protection formula. A good cream should not cause inflammation or rashes.

A systemic approach to an improved lifestyle can help your skin cells stay healthier. A healthy body will be able to produce new skin cells to replace the dead and weaker ones. And that way you will be able to prevent deep wrinkles for a very long time.

If you would like to eliminate deep wrinkles [http://healthy-body-and-skin.com/] age spots and sagging skin forever. Visit my website [http://healthy-body-and-skin.com/] and let me reveal to you the lies and secrets I discovered that you will never discover on your own!

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Looking Forward To Getting Old

elderly-cake_2165089bAs children, we couldn’t wait to get older.

The first coolest thing was when our ages hit double digits. Then, something else new and exciting was always around the bend. At 13, it was my Bar Mitzvah. Sixteen brought a driver’s license; 18 ushered in the newly earned right to vote; 21 celebrated with (too much) champagne. There was always another reason to move on to the next year. Bring ’em on. Line ’em up! Don’t stop!

However as John Mellencamp lamented in, “The Real Life,”

It’s a lonely proposition when you realize/That there’s less days in front of the horse/Than riding in the back of this cart.

Aside from the fact that it should be “fewer days,” (sorry, I couldn’t resist) the concept is spot on. It’s macabrely humorous that as soon as one begins to realize he’s on the downward slope of the hill, vainly pumping the brakes, the calendar’s pages flip ever faster. When we were young and immortal, time crawled at a fossil’s pace. As the clock ticks louder, it also accelerates.

The result is many of us begin to poorly affirm what aging is about, viewing it negatively. I mean, yeah, sure, there’s that “death thing” looming out there, which does cast a pallid gloom on post-middle-age. Yet, spending my remaining (hopefully) many years bemoaning a natural and unavoidable process seems a pretty rotten way to appreciate those very years, wouldn’t you say? Therefore, I thought it would be good to wrap my brain around the cool things about getting older so whenever yanked to the getting-older-sucks magnet, I can repel easier.

First, the hastening stride of time allows a much richer appreciation of “smaller moments.” Sitting on a couch with my wife reading, observing a toddler giggle with joyful abandon while chasing a puppy in the park, or indulging myself long enough to simply soak in the red-orange-yellow sun as it melts behind the ocean brings with them joy and peace I rarely took time to experience when building a career or growing a family.

Also, I don’t care as much what others may think. Sure, I’m still disinclined to wear a Hawaiian shirt, plaid short-shorts, checkered knee socks, and black wingtip shoes as an ensemble. Yet, self-acceptance ushers in an attitude of “this is me, take it or leave it”. With that, comes freedom.

Don’t misunderstand; “take it or leave it” doesn’t make one necessarily rude; as aging also carries with it a lower tolerance for cruelty. Never was I harsh, but now, with age, comes the wisdom about when to open my yap and when not. Should I disagree with someone, my credo has evolved from “me first” to “compassion first.” The awareness of how words and actions affect others makes a massive difference in how I utilize them.

Finally, whether it’s the result of these other lessons or not, the unsurpassed improvement about these days in which I find myself is the quality of relationships is far superior to any I had previously. Not only am I less likely to spend precious moments suffering the fate of fools, but correspondingly the people I care about mean so much more now than I ever knew they could. Even better, that trajectory appears to be continuing.

There is fullness to every moment with friends and family, which – as with good wine or fine cheese – cannot be rushed but only arrives with the patience of aging well.

Scott “Q” Marcus is a motivational weight loss expert who specializes on helping baby boomers live happier, healthier lives. He is a professional speaker, Syndicated Columnist, and the CRP (Chief Recovering Perfectionist) of ThisTimeIMeanIt.com, a site for people who are tired of making promises to themselves but are willing to do what it takes to actually makes changes. In addition, he conducts speeches, workshops, and presentations throughout the country on how to achieve goals, improve attitude, and enjoy the process. You can contact him for speaking, coaching or consulting, or you can sign up for his free weekly “Monday Motivational Memo” at http://www.ThisTimeIMeanIt.com

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Soul Food: 5 Secrets to Renew, Recharge and Be Happy

benefits-of-juicing_grandeIt is not uncommon these days to get so busy that you don’t even realize you are overwhelmed, tired and headed for a burn out.

With work, kids, and other obligations, life can get out of control very quickly.

In the midst of the chaos, you lose the meaning of what you are doing and you have too much invested to notice. Your soul whispers to you but you don’t hear.

It happened to me without me seeing it

Things seemed to be flowing smoothly in the blended work life that I created. I love what I do. But the flow got so fast I didn’t know how to slow it down.

Here’s what that looked like for me.

Being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I divide my time each week: half is spent supporting a small non-profit that supports families with a seriously ill child with cancer, and the other half is spent branding and marketing small wellness businesses to get them more clients. A great combination. Until I’m running so hard and fast, working every minute of every day, and realize I’ve lost the whole reason I created this lifestyle in the first place: flexibility to live a happy, meaningful and adventurous life.

There was no personal time, no time to recharge, no time to enjoy the things in life that I love to do. My soul felt empty, drained and exhausted, and I knew I had to make a change.

Here are 5 secrets I discovered that helped me renew, recharge and get the happy back into my life:

1. Create a margin. If you want to add the spark and happiness back into your life, you need to have the space to welcome it. Just like a Polaroid photo with a small white margin around it, you need to add that same padding into your day. For me, that meant finishing up a few marketing contracts and not replacing them. Give yourself some space so when something comes up in the moment, you not only notice it, but you can jump into it and embrace it.

2. Protect the new space. Don’t pre-schedule. Savor the time. Life is a mystery, and the only thing we know for sure is what’s right here and right now. When you take a pause and live into that, magic moments will start to happen that feed your parched soul like water in the desert. You’ll see that it’s the little things that matter.

3. Sleep, pray, eat well and exercise. This is a priority to me. When you take time to replenish your spirit it allows you to serve others from your overflow. If your bucket is empty, what do you have to offer?

4. Break old habits. Start with being honest with yourself by taking a serious look at what’s missing and stealing your joy. Create new options that replace the old patterns. It doesn’t take long to create new habits, and you will quickly see that you become what you do.

5. Dare to say yes. Really, so simple but so life changing. Do something different. Be brave enough to look the world straight in the eye and step out even though you might feel uncomfortable. Say yes, a hearty yes, to new adventures! Fall in love with life all over again.

The last step of dare to say yes, refueled me like nothing else. I am an adventuress, and I lost that part of me in the day-to-day chaos.

Here’s the difference these secrets made to me in just one month:

  • I joined a 6 week hiking training group with people I didn’t know. Stepping out of my comfort zone – absolutely – but I forced myself to go. A little awkward at first as they were darting up the mountain and I was the straggler, but I kept at it and I’m right with them now. After just 3 weeks, it has become a highlight of my week, not only with the challenge and adventure, but I have made a lovely group of new friends.
  • A personal trainer partnered with me to amp up my eating habits and exercise routine. I’ve lost fat, gained muscle and feel fabulous with only 1 month in.
  • On a windy, sunny day, I said yes to sailing with a new friend on Puget Sound. It’s been over 20 years since I sailed, so once again it’s a big stretch, but it turned out to be the most exhilarating thing I done for a long time. So much that I am enrolled in a sailing certification course next weekend!
  • It didn’t take much to say yes to an adventuresome 32 mile bike tour event on Lopez Island, which is one of my favorites in the San Juan Islands. In just an hour drive and a short ferry ride, we were biking on a glorious rural island with Puget Sound all around us. I am reminded that nothing is too good to be true.

It feels so fabulous to be back. I’m reclaiming my title: Chief Adventuress. Each day I will wake up with expectation for what’s ahead for that day, believing that the best is yet to be. I believe that opportunity is everywhere and all around me.

There’s more to come and more to share. But how about you? Which of these secrets will help you renew, recharge and be happy?

Life is for you!

Maren Finzer has over 20 years experience as a brand and marketing strategist, and is passionate to help non-profits and healthy, active small businesses raise their visibility. For free resources and downloads, visit http://www.marenfinzer.com.

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How To Stay Calm In A Crisis

crisis-656x402If panicking was effective, everyone would be doing it. Panic a waste of time and energy: it doesn’t solve the problem.

Whatever your age, getting in a panic is a health hazard and must be avoided at all cost. Surviving and thriving on a daily basis are stressful enough, you certainly don’t need to add to that level of stress by panicking.

While we’ve all heard examples of individuals doing extraordinary things while pumped with adrenalin (lifting a car, running through a burning building, etc.), we now know that panic can decrease a system’s operational effectiveness by 30% or more – sometimes completely destroying it.

Consider, for example, the typical throughput of a highway during rush hour. While it may be a pain in the backside, the cars generally keep a safe distance, drivers remain sufficiently alert, and everyone eventually gets home. When, however, these same people are fleeing a natural disaster, panic sets in and traffic is at a complete standstill. Next time you’re waiting to exit your flight, think about how bad things would be if fellow passengers panicked.

There are three things we can do to ensure that panic is not part of our life.

  1. Eliminate the cause. The answer to, ‘Should I panic?’ is always ‘No!’ Always. The costs – personal and economic – are too high and they’re compounding. They’re called ‘panic attacks’ for a reason. You don’t have to have one if you don’t want it. Identify the cause or instigator and do what it takes to eliminate it so it never happens again.
  1. Avert panic. Panic averted is far cheaper than panic survived, so we need to get rid of potential panic-causers. Traffic congestion, for example, is reduced on crowded freeways by controlling entry (gated entry) to lanes of traffic. Controlled entry enables a far faster flow of traffic than letting cars on at any time.
  1. Identify the contributors. Require that those that create panic for a living take responsibility for the way their actions dramatically magnify the cost we all pay. The media and politicians are two well-known panic-makers. And police must be trained to first diffuse panic. Reducing potential hassles (and hasslers) is always a good starting point.

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