What Happens If You Compare the Planet With Your Own Body Energies?

meditateEven though only a few have the ability to see energies, we can all feel the flow of energy when we are in love, having sex, feel on top of the world or on the bottom of a pit hole. We are ‘feeling beings’. But because it is not so easy to see, I want to tell you about my insight that might help you see what you sense.

Our energy body is like that of our planet. She has an equator, meridians, she has wind blowing her surface, she has an aura and she has energy centers around her globe.

Does the planet have meridians?

The meridians, are exactly like the ley lines, you probably have heard of them before. These lines are very accurate and electro-magnetic in nature (positive, negative and neutral), they connect from point A to point B and never move. They transport energies where they are needed and sometimes even leave a trace on the skin of the earth. In our body they transport energies through our entire body. When they are blocked, you start to feel it in different ways like for instance tiredness, feeling weak, dull or depressed. When the blockage won’t go for a longer period of time, it can produce illness and pain. The ley lines of the planet are also known for its effects on humans, but it is not yet scientifically researched as far as I know or could find on the internet.

Those beautiful Polar lights are an indication of something…

The aura of the planet is absolutely incredible and the Polar lights give us some insight into her beauty. The Van Allen Belts are like a skin in the form of an apple that protects our planet from influences that can invade us from space. This form is exactly like our aura. The apple shape springs from our head like a fountain and moves inward and up again at our ankles.

Equator is the belt around your waist

The equator is the middle line that divides Earth in the Northern hemisphere and the Southern. (Notice that wé have two hemispheres as well, maybe you can even recognize a difference in people and their brains above and below the equator.) Our own equator is called the belt flow, which is a radiant circuit I will speak more of in the next paragraph. It is connecting your upper body and your lower body. Especially with ladies you see that this flow is often blocked. Their lower body is barely communicating with the upper body. When this flow is healthy, you feel sexy and attractive, you are comfortable in your skin and you can feel stable on your legs and on the ground.

Radiant winds are blowing our minds

The radiant circuits I spoke of in the beginning of this article and in the last paragraph, are like the winds. They are moving energy in different directions on the surface of our Earth, but they tend to have a common direction on specific locations. As you often experience in your own country, the wind is free, but it flows in patterns. Mostly it blows in one direction, but in a certain period of time, it changes. The basics of the wind system of the Earth is well explained in the next video.


The wind brings new weather, new moods, sometimes it caresses your skin or blows your mind. The wind has an enormous influence, but we hardly recognize it… it is so familiar and part of our daily life. Yet it is such an inspiration, when you give your senses a chance to feel and enjoy them anew.

Can you influence your body’s energy?

Yes you can! There are many ways to influence your body’s energies. A very legitimate question is, why should you? Well, here is because. You are actually, often without being conscious of it, energetically influenced all day long. Just as the planet is influenced by processes in the universe (solar flares, meteorites, star positions etc.), your own energy is also bombarded with impulses from outside (emotional reactions, toxins in the air, electromagnetic waves from devices etc.) and your aura is protecting you. When you have to handle too much stresses from inside and out, your aura gets weakened. When that happens, viruses and other intruders can enter quite easily. So to make sure that your energy systems are strong and balanced and thereby are able to handle stresses from outside ánd inside more effectively, you can do all kinds of energy work. Think of yoga, tai chi, qi gong, do-in, but also sports and certain games can help. Taking a shower, sleep, drinking water, eating natural, being outside in the sun and in nature enough are all very helpful in balancing your energies.

Love for Earth

As you now start to see, there are quite some similarities between Earth and your body and I am just starting to compare a couple of systems. Isn’t it giving you a sense of joy, being a part of and living in this great place? Feel love for Earth? (Did you realize that HEART and EARTH contain the same letters?) I myself can feel an overflow of gratitude looking at the complex simplicity of the Universe. And I hope I have given you a bit of that as well with this article.

With sparkles,


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