The “Fear Of Failing” and Diabetes – Overcoming And Understanding This Destructive Emotion

2341_620x290How it starts.
From the beginning when the doctor pronounced these words to you, “You’ve got diabetes” you should have had so many wonderful successes and discouraging failures that you can’t stand it. Remember, the diet worked for a while, how great, but exercise made it worse – then it made it better. Next were those “side effects” from the prescription drugs. What a string of horror. Then there is an ever-present threat of stronger drugs or being put “on the needle.”

Processing these all ups and downs can make you nuts. After a while most people come to a truce with this entire goings on. You know, it seems like we don’t really win, we just slip sideways and go downwards slowly. We get scared. It’s normal. But it is what can happen next that is dangerous.

You start off just a little scared. Then, the very site of the prescription bottle, or the blood meter or diabetic commercial on TV gives you a “flight or fight” reaction. Clearly, it is a natural reaction, that is, if a Colorado Black Bear just broke into your front room – but sweating and shaking is not really an appropriate reaction to a pill bottle or your TV.

The Fear of Failure
This unreasonable reaction to everything diabetic begins to deny you even the very life-saving actions you need to maintain your health, much less the determination to keep trying new things. This unreasonable fear that haunts you might include the simplest actions like reading about a new diet or a successful supplement. This fear builds into this Emotion called “Fear of Failure.” Indeed, it has a life of it’s own, and creates a destructive pattern of behavior in you. You have met the devil. You are now paralyzed by fear.

Driving this devil out of your life

Breaking or destroying this new emotion or bad euro association has several steps:

1) The first step is recognizing that “you truly do have this problem emotion, “Fear of Failure.” And that it is blocking you and your success. It is preventing you from exploring the world for more alternatives and finding those people who have succeeded and can help you.

2) Next, you simply “Decide,” with your brainpower, that you will cancel, stop or break this emotion now. The mere understanding of what is happening to you might be enough to make this stop in days. (Remember it’s a serious impediment to your life – but it is not a big Grizzly Bear tearing up your kitchen, and you maybe you next!) My friends, you can deal with this diabetes.

3) After that, you need some serious self-motivation. Get “Leverage” on your self. Understand and think hard about how this fear of failure is damaging your hopes for success in managing or defeating this diabetes. Use this to take the actions towards a different you.

4) Lastly, you need to create a brand new emotion or just “change your state of mind” when this fear starts to paralyze you. Envision; think hard about other diabetics who have had success in reversing their diabetes. Imagine yourself having this kind of success. You are becoming unstoppable in your pursuit of a successful victory over this diabetes. Maybe do something physical like simply standing and then jumping up and down a couple of times, each time you are fighting the emotion and envisioning the new successful you. There is professional support readily available to help with this issue of Fear Of Failing.

Diabetes is a tough foe in life, use every tool at your command to understand it, control and defeat it.

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