Life Mastery – Exploring Our Power to Create Our Reality

Alt reality  on computer keyboard

Alt reality on computer keyboard

Diving right in, certainly there exists a universal framework which allows for one to consciously create a reality and have that creation manifest as their experience. This framework essentially exists as a collection of patterns, geometries, pathways, and systems which dictate the manner in which nature unfolds and creations manifest. Pertinent to this article, our conscious mind functions within this framework as an architect and builder, the reality which we wish to conjure is constructed and shaped within the mind which is then broadcast to the universe through the vacuum. In response, the universe forms a pathway through which your created reality is able to manifest and be experienced by your consciousness.

Now let’s discuss how this inherent power of ours can be honed through meditative practice. The universe is constantly “listening” to the thoughts and desires which form in our minds as we are innately creators. Therefore, if we are able to still the mind and clearly and concisely form an “image” of the reality we wish to experience then the universe is provided with more exact instructions as to how to assist in manifesting that reality for us. On the other hand, if we divide our mind’s power between many different thoughts and images, we effectively decrease the creative force attached to the reality our consciousness is attempting to build. Furthermore, it is also very important to simply believe that you have this creative power within you already because if you do not, you end up informing the universe that you do not believe the reality you desire can and will manifest for you (which is a pretty good way of preventing it from doing so).

Lastly, we can view our minds as consisting of two elements: the outer mind and the inner mind. The outer mind can be seen as the director which perceives and experiences the world. The inner mind is basically the seat of creative potential within you which unwavering fulfills whatever request is dictated by the outer mind as it lacks any ability to discriminate, doubt, or disbelieve. Thus as soon as the outer mind constructs an “image” of one’s desired reality the inner mind throws its creative power behind it and sends it off to the vacuum. When you create a desired realty within your mind you attach a portion of your essence to it, and this is what helps attract the manifestation of that reality into your experience. Accordingly, the longer and more clearly your desired reality is held in your mind, the greater the amount of your essence that you attach to it, and the faster that reality manifests for you. This is how we as divine human beings can master our lives and I hope that this article has been of some use to you in shedding some light on the power that is all of ours by birthright. Take care.

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