How to Meditate and Vipassana Meditation

meditateVipassana meditation is an interesting type of meditation, strict and rigid. Generally practiced in silence and using your breath to meditate. It is something you may want to discover a little later in your experimenting. How to meditate is far more important first before tackling Vipassana.

So today we are going to learn how to meditate with a simple and easy kind of meditation that anyone should be able to do.

Meditation, also know as mindfulness, will help give your life meaning and perspective. A sense of awareness of being and living in the now.

When we slow down our mind and relax our body, we can start to sense a change of attitude, a change of outlook and a change of life.

Meditation has no rules, it is part of no religion and it transcends boundaries. Where can you meditate? At home, in the park, at work and even waiting in line at the football or supermarket.

Let’s start with what I call a Two Minute Breath meditation. Get yourself comfortable and relaxed, turn off your phone and get your partner to mind the children if need be.

With eyes closed begin to focus on your breath. Become aware of your breath as you breathe in and out. Feel your breath as you inhale and sense it filling your lungs. The breath is invisible and yet we can feel it, almost touch it, but we cannot see it but we know it is there. It is a sacred element giving us life.

Once you learn this technique your life will never be the same. When you focus on your body and just your breath it is very hard for other thoughts to come into your mind. Your focus becomes intense and laser like giving your mind greater clarity.

This practice is easy. Vipassana is tough. This one takes no longer than two minutes a day. If you can meditate both morning and night then wonderful and good for you. That’s four minutes out of your 24 hour day. I am sure you can spare that.

It will be well worth it as you start to change in very subtle ways. You become calmer, relaxed, you don’t worry so much, you become focused and inspired to do the things that you love doing. You will also stop worrying about what others think of you.

Vipassana meditation is a free course over 10 days and I highly recommend them once you have been practising at least 2 years. These courses are in silence for 10 days. There is no physical contact, no eye contact and no reading or taking notes. If you are looking for a higher level of meditation then vipassana may be the answer for you.

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