Awesome Homemade Almond Milk

A handful of almonds makes a perfect mid-day snack. Studies have also shown that eating some almonds right before a high glycemic index food helped lower the GI index. almond_milk

Almonds contain manganese, vitamin E, magnesium, tryptophan, copper, vitamin B2, and phosphorus.

Studies have proven almond’s LDL (the bad cholesterol) lowering effects and reduces heart disease risk. 

Here is the recipe (drum roll please):

1. Soak 2 cups almonds in some filtered water overnight or for at least for 4-6 hours. The almonds will expand in the water.

2. After soaking the almonds overnight, strain the soaked almonds and put it in your blender or juicer. Add 4 cups fresh pure water.

3. I like my almond slightly sweet and my preferred sweeter is dates. It makes the almonds that much creamier and I have tried other sweeteners but the taste of dates is simply so much better. I add about 6-8 small dates or 4 of the larger ones. Otherwise you can use about 1 teaspoon or 2 of agave nectar. Honey is a bit too strong so I tend to stay away from that.

4. Add 1/2 a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. Add 1/4 a teaspoon of sea salt.

5. Blend in the Vitamix/blender for a few minutes on high. 

6. Take a large bowl and a strainer. Place a cheese cloth or nut bag on the strainer. Pour the almond milk into the cheese cloth. Let it sit in the cheese cloth for a few minutes then slowly and carefully squeeze the cheese cloth until all the liquid is in the bowl.

The almond milk in the bowl is ready for you to consume! you can put the milk in bottles and enjoy throughout the next couple of days.

You can use almond milk in smoothies. I just love the creamy taste so much that I tend to drink it as it is.

You can definitely buy almond milk from stores but the commercial almond milk does not even compare to the homemade version. Once you start making it, you won’t be able to stop, it’s simply that good.

A word about the pasteurized versus truly raw almonds

The major almond farmers are located in California in the US. I buy my almonds directly from a California farmer because they are truly raw and organic (and cheaper than buying organic almonds from a store).

In 2007, almonds sold in retail markets were required to be pasteurized which is really unfortunate as you are destroying key nutrients in almonds when you pasteurize them. The law does not require almonds to be labeled as “pasteurized” so most consumers don’t even know that the current almonds in the market are actuarially pasteurized.

In order to buy truly raw almonds (without being pasteurized), you will need to buy directly from a California farmer which is actually a good thing. You get fresh raw un-pasteurized almonds at a great price and you are supporting the farmers directly.

I get mine close to $7 to $7.50 per pound and they are organic and truly raw. I get 25 pounds at a time which lasts me for about 9 months and enough to make lots of almond milk through-out the year and enjoy the raw almonds as a snack.

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